5 Herbs and Spices That Are Good for Diabetics

Just because you’re diabetic doesn't mean you can’t enjoy a little spice in your life—or at least in your diet. Spices and herbs are great for flavoring foods without adding extra sugars and calories. Some are even beneficial for managing diabetes!

While tests aren't conclusive, some studies show cinnamon can help reduce blood sugar and helps counter-act insulin resistance.

This healthy spice used in Indian foods may help prevent diabetes, so if you’re still in the pre-diabetes stage this can be good news! It also helps cleanse the liver to keep it healthy.

This herb lowers triglycerides and protects the liver. When blood sugar is out of control it can put the liver at risk; while nothing replaces good diabetes management, throw some fenugreek in your stews and salads for some added help.

High in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory chemicals, cloves also help improve how insulin functions in your body.

Since ancient times sage has been used as a cure-all; but one German study showed that sage helped reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Photo: Seasons Nursery Inc.